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There is no doubt that whatsapp has become an essential part of our lives. From paying for every massage we send, to sending and receiving free massages, doing video call or audio calls, every one use the whatsapp one way or another every day. Human nature is that we always want something more, something extra. To satisfy this need we have brought to you OFFICIAL GBWHATSAPP APK.

Some expert developers took it in their hands and modified the official whatsapp and created gb whatsapp. This WHATSAPP GB offers list of features which are not provided in official whatsapp.

If you haven’t tried our OFFICIAL WHATSAPP GB than there can’t be a better time to do so. We have the best add free GB whatsapp apk, so don’t worry and simply click on the download button below to get the latest GB Whatsapp pro apk.

GBWhatsapp pro APK File Details:

Application Name GBWhatsApp APK
Version 8.85
Latest Version 8.85
Downloads 5,000,000+
Application size 44.4 MB
Root Requirement No
Purpose Additional Features
Last Updated 1 day ago

GBWhatsApp APK

There is no doubt that there are hundreds and hundreds of versions available of whatsapp gb on different sites such as Facebook Groups etc. but you can’t be sure that those phoney apps will not get you banned from whatsapp permanently. Yes, you heard it right there is a doubt that it could happen if you will use just any GB whatsapp pro apk. That’s why we recommend that you download the whatsapp gb pro apk from here.  

GBWHATSAPP APK is one of the best modified version of whatsapp where you can enjoy countless features which are not available on official whatsapp. These features include watching deleted messages, downloading statuses and changing the whole user experience etc.

Download GB WhatsApp:

Download Version.7.10 Download Version.7.20
Download Version.7.99 Download Version.8.0
Download Version.8.5 Download Version.8.10
Download Version.8.20 Download Version.9.5

Features of GB WhatsApp

As we have mentioned that there are numerous features which you can enjoy if you are our GB WHATSAPP APK user. Below we have mentiond all of those features one by one.

Replay Automatically:

WhatsApp GB Pro allows its users to reply automatically. By using this feature, all you have to do is save a massage and set it on auto reply. Whenever anyone will text you the auto reply will be triggered and he will receive a massage from you.

Do not Disturb (DND):

If you are getting tired of constant buzz on your phone due to whatsapp, or you are busy doing something, this feature allows you to turn off the data connection to GB whatsapp only. All other apps on your phone will work normally but your whatsapp GB will be disconnected from internet.

Broadcast massages:

By using this feature you can send broad cast massages to multiple people and group at once. This make the job of sending massages to everyone in group really easy and time savong. All you have to do is just type the massage and select the group you want to send broadcast massage to.

Filter massage:

We have all been there when someone, particularly a friend of ours use curse words. Want to delete those massages afterwards but unable to find them? Well, WhatsApp GB apk allows you to filter the massages so you don’t have to scroll through indefinite number of massages.

Read deleted massages:

One of the most well used and anticipated feature of GBWhatsApp apk is that it allows you to read other people massages even after they have deleted them. So for them there is no going back once massage is send from them.

Share live location:

Although this feature is also available in official whatsapp group, you can also share your live location with your friends using GB WhatsApp 2021.

Adding Effects:

By using WhatsApp GB 2021, you can add additional effects and tweeks while sending images and giphs or videos to other people.

Increase Media capacity:

GBWhatsApp 2021 allows you to exceed the official limit of multimedia size. You can send more than 100 images at once to anyone. Which definitely saves you some time. Additionally you can also send a video clip having size of over 50MB and audio clip over 100MB.

Changing Themes:

If you don’t like the official theme than you are not alone. We personally don’t like that either. By choosing to install this GBWHATSAPP apk 2021, you can change themes and emoji according to your desire. There are many themes and designs which you can choose according to your mood and take full advantage of this feature. 2021 GB WHATSAPP takes using whatsapp to next level no doubt.

Downloading video statuses:  

2021 GBWHATSAPP APK allows you to download the status of your contacts. Those days are gone when you had to massage your friend and ask them to send you the video status, now all you gotta do is simply click on the dropdown menu and press download. The status will be downloaded and saved in your gallery.

New Font Styles:

GB WhatsApp allows you to change the font of all the texts in the app. Now you don’t have to be ordinary, you can truly become extraordinary. By using this feature you can change the look and feel of the gbwhatsapp.

Selecting chat:

You can select all the contacts with one click from home screen. Have a text which you need to send to every one? With one click you can do so in whatsapp GB.

Improve image quality:

We all know that official WhatsApp mess up the image quality if you send it on WhatsApp, but not anymore. By using Modified GB WhatsApp you don’t have to worry about such things. This app will preserve the quality of images as much as possible.


This modified whatsapp GB has made managing the whatsapp very comfortable. You can change the notification setting from home screen with just one tap. No need to go into setting and finding the notification button in different tabs. This is really a timer saver.

Requirements to Download GBWhatsApp APK

Stable Internet Connection Recommended Connection: WIFI
Location of the device Access to Read Gallery
Access to Read Contacts Access to Read External Storage

Comparison GBWhatsapp VS Whatsapp

Status Length Up to 255 Characters Up to 139 Characters
Document Sharing Capacity 100 30
Media Sharing size up to 50 MB 15 MB
Hide Last Seen
Copying Status
Sharing Documents in Pdf, Txt format
Supported Languages 45 130
Sending Blank Messages
Changing Theme

Privacy Control

Now coming to one of the most important aspect of GBWhatsApp, the privacy settings. This modified version of gb whatsapp gives you several additional yet important features which you can utilize according to your needs.

You can enjoy following features of Privacy controll in GBWHatsApp APK:

Double tick Bluetick
Settings of microphone Status of recording
Status of typing Messages Scheduling
Auto reply Being on-line (Status)

Download GBWhatsApp on PC

A lot of people ask us how they can install GBWHATSAPP on their laptops or PC. The process is fairly simple. All you have to is install any android emulator such as Bluestacks or any other.

After installing the Bluestacks, you will see it is just like using a phone but with a mouse. Download the modified GBWHatsApp APK and install and there you go. Ready to use.

Whats New?

The current version of gb whatsapp is updated on April 2021. The new WhatsAppGB is more secure with additional features. New update has also made it less risky and now you can use it without the fear of getting banned from WhatsApp. It now has better user interface and you will enjoy it better..


GBWhatsApp is one of the best app you can use to communicate with your friends and family. The reason why we are saying is that, it is very flexible. It gives all the options you can think of. You can change and modify anything you like. From theme to emoji, from wallpaper to fonts etc.

In short, if you are suing whatsapp you got to try our odified version of whatsapp. Trust me, you will not regret it. And not to mention, what will you do of a fancy whatsapp when you dont have any friends to chat with? Go ahead and join these groups to make friends and entertain yourself.


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