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These days everyone breathes with TikTok. Even though there has also been controversy around TikTok ever since it was released and several countries have banned it, people are still addicted to this app. Beside TikTok WhatsApp Group Links you can also join our Entertainment Groups.

Like Facebook, TikTok is also a social app that has become very popular in recent times. It is a video-based app where you can record your video and dub it in any sound you like. People usually react to the videos they want. Many people in all countries have risen to celebrity status after posting their videos on this app.

TikTok was released in 2016 and updated in 2019. A Chinese tech giant company owns it, and they usually earn by advertising the app. The controversy TikTok is facing is that its app is secretly recording and tracking its user’s personal data. The surprisingly same thing is done by Facebook, which listens to its users without their permission, but the whole world has gone crazy when it comes to TikTok primarily because it is a Chinese app.

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